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CMS Based Website Development

Nowadays everyone have profile and personal web pages, if you want make your own website then you need a content management system (CMS) to easy manageable website.

What is a CMS and it's Advantages?

Web developers at first developed a website by making web pages one by one on their local computers, using a FTP program to move those web pages over to their hosting web server, and then those pages became accessible via their website. If any modification were needed, they would start the procedure again. Some make the procedure easy by using Server Side Includes (SSI) files, which cut the number of pages that required to be restructured, since an include which controlled the website's menu could be modified and used all over the website with no any further changes being required.

The troubles began when a website went beyond the fixed static design and inquire into dynamic content, fresh data and live communities. Websites need to be editable by website owners or their staff. Content Management Systems came to be a supportive part of a web developer's toolbox. The difficulty then came to be, which CMS is excellent for me? How much is it going to cost me? What facilities does each CMS offer that my business requires? Below we will confer a few free CMS sources, tell you what they offer, and facilitate you get started with your own website.

Open Source CMS to pick up

Though there are numerous open source CMS platforms available, we are going to draw attention to those that are based upon PHP. The following CMS platforms are PHP based and use a MySQL database. The advantages of using such a CMS contain portability, support and a large developer base with regular updates and enhancements. We will mention the following four CMS:

• Core PHP and Mysql based with custom design and development for all type of websites
• Wordpress - an open source CMS
• Joomla – an open source CMS
• Magento – Best for ecommerce solutions

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